Wednesday, January 28, 2009

From 17 hours in the future and on the left side of the road

I have finally made my way to the South Island!! I have heard so many wonderful things about this place. Everyone that we meet on our way says that you have to get down there. The further you drive south the better it gets!
Tomorrow, we are heading to Able Tasman National Park. This is the smallest park in the nation and we will be doing the coastal track. It could be the busiest most used park in the country for tourists. The water is clear and the rock formations are magnificent. With seals and little Blue Penguins abounding in and around the water, i am going to go ahead and say this could be one of the most beautiful things that I have ever experienced. I can't wait. We will be on this track for about 3 and a half days.
From there we will head south along the west coast and see the beauty of the rugged shoreline, that was formed by the wild Tasman Sea, as we drive towards Frans Joseph and Fox Glaciers near Mt. Cook. We hope to have time to strap on our crampons and do a little glacier hiking. After this we go to Milford for the Great Milford Sound Track. This is, by most peoples opinion, the greatest walk in the world!!!! I cannot wait. 4 days on the beautiful trail, with waterfalls, rivers, mountains, lakes, and fjords! It will be a walk that I will not shortly forget.
From here I will go to Queenstown and do the 3rd highest bungee jump in the world!! I am already freaking out about this one. It is an uncomfortable pit in my stomach every time I think about this one, but I will make myself do it. I know I will be wanting to do it again once I am done, much like when I sky dived a few years ago!!
After this we will head to Stewart Island. The most remote place in NZ and probably the most diverse in Animal life and flora and fauna. With only 400 residents, I am sure we will be able to find some pristine beaches with trees to hang our hammocks on and light a fire with out any trouble from the police! We will be on our own more than ever and I cannot wait!!! Seal's, Penguins, and Elephant seals abound as well here. I'm sure I will be able to tell you much much more about it after having completed the journey. I am just so excited that I had to tell everyone about my plans!

From there we will head back to Christchurch for Collins and Rob to go to school and I will be on my own.

Hope all is well back in the states! I got to go to Able Tasman and find a Penguin!! haha I love New Zealand!!!



  1. Clark,

    That sounds so amazing. The hikes that you are about to go on are going to be awesome. Enjoy this time it will definitely be one that you never forget!

  2. Clark,

    Have you caught any trout yet? The hikes you've been on sound freeking sweet! I am and will always be extremely jealous of your New Zealand adventures, as I sit in Oxford i just hope and pray that me you and andrew can all bust it back there soon! ..just dont get married too soon and we can make it happen! or we could just all get married and take our wives! ha ha

    anyway, seriously, soak in Gods glory everyday and feel his presence there with you, write about what God is doing and how he is moving within the three of you. I'd love to hear what he has taught you and what wonders your still trying to grasp. Live it up man!