Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cathedral Cove/Fly Fishing

Before I have to go I have to tell you about Cathedral Cove!!! It was in the movie Prince Caspian. It was one of the opening scenes where they are transported from the subway/train station to this unreal beach that looks like heaven itself. Well, we went to heaven!!!! Go check out the movie or google it. Under water caves, over hangs of rocks, trees resembling Swiss Family Robinson, and waterfalls. Words nor pictures can capture the beauty of this place. I guess you just have to go!
The trip has been incredible.
I'm in Taupo now trying to catch a trout in the world's capitol of fly fishing, but so far I have been skunked. I have hooked into 2 very large fish and fought them each for some time, but eventually they broke my 8 lbs tippet. So, im going to say that they were both about 9-10 lbs each haha. (At least it makes me feel better) I was cussing at the top of my lungs when the line snapped. I can't wait to go to Colorado and Training Ground where I can get some advice on how the crap to land a trout. Haha


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  1. Clark, I am so jealous! Of course you know I would have landed those fish, and eaten off them for the rest of my trip. Keep at em' that's why we love fishing in the first place. May our Lord grant you great peace, great weather, a heart for His people, and the time of your life. May He grant us your safe return. Love ya Bro! Ben