Monday, December 29, 2008

No sleep, No luggage, No problem

Leaving Nashville with little to no sleep, I say my goodbyes to my friends and family as I leave for Spain. I could not believe the time had already come to go. The hardest part about leaving this time was the forshadowing of the goodbye I will soon have to say to Caroline, my girlfriend. Come January 12th, we will not see each other for 8 months... This will be, by far, the longest strech of time we have gone without seeing each other for over 5 years. I would think saying goodbye now will help ease the pain for the big goodbye yet to come. She will be studiying abroad in Florence, Italy from the end of January to the end of May. There will be a lot of Skypeing going down!
Anyways, a quick overview of the day. We left at 3:44 to Madrid, Spain out of Nashville and got into Madrid at 9:45 Spainish time. With very little to no sleep, we got off the plane to get our luggage and everyone bags came out except mine. This was a first time thing for me. Very frustersting and inconvienent. My bags were supposed to be shipped to my hotel at 7 to 10 pm tonight and as I type it is 4:30 am and I am still bagless. Miserable! I am certainly not going to let this ruins trip, so we went out on the town and had a great time discovering the beauty of Madrid. My most favorite part of the night and the trip so far was the southern jazz and blues bar we went too. Pure Mississippi blues in the heart of Spain! I loved every minute of it... On top of that we met Carlos and the gang. A bunch of locals that we got to know and went to ajar with. Carlos actualy worked in San Fran for Google. (bouldin loved that). It was a great first night in Spain, besides the lost luggage and oh yeah, Andrews jacket caught on fire by a candle on our dinner table and ruined a $200 jacket, the night was fantastic! I need some serious sleep now and I need my bag at the hotel in the morning, so I have to go. Check back later and I will try to keep it interesting... I guess these things are just the joys of traveling! And things almost never go as you planned, but you just have to roll with it I guess.
Hope all is well. Goodnight from Spain.

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