Friday, April 10, 2009

The real Fiji

Things in Fiji are going well and happening in a very unexpected manner. I got here three days ago and had no clue what I would be doing here. I made a reservation at a hostel the night before my plane flight and had done little to no research on what to do here. I found out soon that any tourist attraction here is so expensive. Going off the main land to the islands and staying at the hotels/ resorts can clean you out so fast! Camping, they say, is not an option, but I plan on proving them wrong. I am only in Fiji once so I want to experience the nice beaches and beautiful water for sure. All along I have been wanting to do something different here. I felt like God wanted me to reach out to one of the Churches or Mission groups here, but I did not know which one. The first night I spent the night in a hostel and met a man named Amos and he saw me reading my Bible as I was eating breakfast. He did not say anything, but I noticed him looking. After thinking and worrying a lot. I was so unsure of what I was doing here and why God had laid it on my heart to serve. I was willing, but had no where to go. I decided to pack up and just head out. As I was leaving I wanted to fill up my water bottle. I asked Amos if he could fill it up for me and he did. Then out of nowhere he asked if I was a Christian and I said yes!!! I remembered him looking at my bible and I knew that he was a Christian as well. Before that point I had no clue what I was going to be doing there or even where a church was, so I could knock on their door. I was so happy to hear that Amos was a Christian. I asked where he went to church and knew that was where God wanted me to be. I hoped in a taxi and was heading there before I knew it. I have spent the last two nights sleeping in my hammock or tent in the back room of the church and have been to a good friday service. I am heading to Amos' village today and watching his nephew play rugby tonight. I am still looking for the way God wants to use me here and why he has me at this Church. The people of the congregation are so nice and loving. They said that no one has ever done what I am doing and are still somewhat unsure of what I am doing here. As am I. They do know that I want to serve for Christ and that is reason enough. Pray for God to show me a direction for me to go and a purpose to serve. I guess I am experiencing the REAL Fiji here in Nadi. It is a true adventure for sure, but instead of exploring the nature I feel like I am exploring the culture and the people here. It is all new and unexpected, but it is good.

Hope all is well,



  1. Wow Clark! How AMAZING for you! I am so happy for you that God has put this adventure in your life. The courage that God has placed on you is incredible and I know you could do great things for the people there! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers! Best Wishes!

  2. Clark! Your folks told me about your journey. Very cool. Look up Vijay Singh's family while you're there! Keep listening for the Spirit's leading, then do whatever He says.

    See you in Nashville when you get back.

    Cousin Grant